Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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A sequel to the events of Final Fantasy IV focusing on the adventures of Ceodore, son of Cecil and Rosa. The game was originally released episodically for cell phones in Japan before being rebuilt as a WiiWare title for international release.



Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is an episodic game that continues the story of Final Fantasy IV seventeen years after the original game ended. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years was originally released as a title for Japanese cell phones in monthly installments. The game is compatible with phones from the DoCoMo 903i series and higher. The After Years was later ported to WiiWare, with the first two episodes becoming available in North America on June 1, 2009. Another edition of the game will be included with the PSP title Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection on April 19, 2011.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is a sequel to Final Fantasy IV. The sequel came about as a result of Square Enix work on the 2008 DS remake of the original game. Most of the game's original playable characters make a return, along with a sizable cast of newcomers. The game centers around Ceodore Harvey, the son of Cecil and Rosa, and opens with Ceodore taking part in an initiation trial to become a member of the Red Wings, Baron's elite air force.

ESRB Rating Description

From the ESRB Website: This is a 2D role-playing game in which players embark on an adventure involving magical crystals and a mysterious kingdom. Players traverse across a field map or through dungeons and can enter into turn-based battles along the way. Players use a menu screen to select attacks or magic spells against tiny enemies (e.g., leopards, birds, knights, fish monsters, etc.) that blink and disappear when defeated. An item called "Bacchus Wine" is occasionally used to defeat enemies in battle.


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