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If anyone interest to upload Blu-Ray Movies, Videos, TV Serials, Cartoon, Bangla Natok, Games, Software and other any high quality videos and if you have any queries please email us: mamun@dhakamovie.com


  1. Anik Islam
    Anik Islam3 years ago


  2. Latifur Rahman Alvee
    Latifur Rahman Alvee3 years ago

    Hi, well, I’ve downloaded so many series with complete seasons but my hard disk is about to get running low. So I want to upload those but I can’t find the way to upload these here. Can anyone tell me how would I upload the seasons?
    I have,
    X-men Animated series complete 5 seasons
    X-men Evolution complete 4 seasons
    Justice League complete 5 seasons
    Spider Man Animated series (Complete)
    Batman Animated series both 90s and 2008 series(Complete)
    Glee Complete 5 seasons
    Vampire Diaries Complete 5 Seasons plus season 6(Running Episodes)
    Hannah Montana Dual Audio(Complete)
    Wizards of Waverly Place (Complete)
    Phineas & Pherb Complete 4 seasons
    Dexter’s Laboratory Complete
    The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Complete
    Flash Season One
    Popeye the Sailor Man
    Power Rangers Complete 22 seasons from Mighty Morphin to Dino Charge(Running Episodes)
    Shaun the Sheep Complete
    Wolverine and the X-men Season one
    The Jetsons
    The Flinstones
    and many more!! So please let me know how would I put these on Dhakamovie!

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